Responsibility towards society has always been an important part of Ramboll. The Ramboll Foundation’s donation policy is based on the Charter and falls into these three areas:

  • Research, studies and education, in particular with focus on the technical and natural science areas as well as sociologically oriented research given Ramboll’s brand as sustainable society consultants and focus on the interface between technology and society, and the impact of technological progress on societies
  • Staff well-being. To previous and current employees in difficult circumstances
  • Donations to charity or non-profit organisations (NGOs). Support to NGOs may be given based on applications and should be focused on projects


The Ramboll Foundation donates up to DKK 10 million a year.

Before submitting the application to the Ramboll Foundation we recommend that you read the Donation Guideline for further guidelines and information.


Please note that Ramboll Foundation does not support students studying abroad. For this purpose please read more on