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2016: Industrial PhD on Aerodynamic Stability of Long Span Bridges
In 2014, Randi Nøhr Møller started working in the Analysis Group in the International Bridge Department at Ramboll. She became involved in a project concerning a major long span suspension bridge and the challenges related to calculating the instability limit of these bridges.

The instability limit is the wind speed for the onset of flutter, which are the fatal vibrations of bridge deck structures that occur as a result of wind-structure interaction. As the flutter limit is a governing design parameter for long span bridges, developing an improved calculation method could be of vital importance.

In May 2016, Randi was granted funding to undertake an Industrial PhD on this subject. The project is in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (under supervision of Professor Steen Krenk) and Ramboll (under supervision of Martin Nymann Svendsen). The aim of the project is to provide an improved method for calculation of the aerodynamic stability limit which includes advanced structural response effects and a consistent representation of the wind load.

2015: Concrete Structures
Ramboll has developed a unique software programme for concrete structures. The software enables the handling of any type of structural elements with reinforcement design through combining plastic calculations with FEM methods. The software programme can significantly reduce design time as well as support substantial material savings.

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has initiated a development project, supported by the Ramboll Foundation, which adds functionality to the software, enabling it to determine stresses in concrete and reinforcements, crack widths and deformations. This solution will add valuable functionality to the software programme.

2014: Enhancing Blue-Green Infrastructure 
Blue-Green infrastructure (BGI) offers a feasible and valuable solution for urban areas facing challenges of climate change. It complements and in some cases replaces the need for grey infrastructure. BGI connects urban hydrological functions (blue infrastructure) with vegetation systems (green infrastructure) in urban landscape design.

To assess the value of BGI systems for urban environments, the Ramboll Foundation and Ramboll Liveable Cities Lab initiated research on motivating and hindering factors for the implementation of Blue-Green infrastructure.

The research shall support ubran decision-makers on their path towards a future, where the intelligent use of what nature teaches us is used for the sake of environmental protection and societal benefits.


Within research and education, the Foundation in particular focus on the technical and natural science areas as well as sociologically orientated research given Ramboll’s brand as sustainable society consultants and focus on the interface between technological progress on societies.

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